Dubai school makes room to spread positivity among children


A school in Dubai has launched a 'mindfulness room' for its primary school students. As the name suggests, the room at Greenfield Community School (GCS) is a calm space for the tiny tots to re-centre themselves and grow as individuals while focusing on all things positive.

"Practising mindfulness has profound impact on children's health and overall well-being," said Rola Ghadban, the mindfulness and well-being coordinator at GCS and the mastermind behind the project.

Principal Andy Wood said: "At Greenfield Community School, we provide a balanced education, one that acknowledges that academic success is built on a foundation of happiness, well-being and sound values. This room is an expression of that sense of balance and the need for perspective and calm in a busy world."

Although the school has mindfulness sessions everyday in between classes, they have now set up the unique room to help kids get in touch with their emotions and feelings by simply relaxing using different techniques. This not only keeps them busy but also keeps them calm and boosts their concentration levels, Ghadban explained.

Currently the room will only serve the 800 students of the primary section of the school. Work on another Mindfulness Room for the secondary level students has also started, the school told Khaleej Times.
"In my classrooms, I have seen how a daily mindfulness practice can help our students' mental clarity, emotional intelligence and improve focus. My goal is to transcend the power of this life skill into an innovative space, accessible to all."

The Mindfulness Room offers students more than just a relaxing environment and is divided into various sections - The Gratitude Tree, another section with Yoga mats with iPads and head phones, The Sensory Room with a range of stimuli to engage the senses, a reading area, drawing stations and a positive affirmation wall.

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