Our Curricula

Taaleem schools are committed to providing a solid academic grounding by delivering stimulating and creative educational programmes within our caring, secure and nurturing environments.

As part of our range of the world's finest curricula, we offer the following programmes:

International Baccalaureate
The National Curriculum for England
American Curriculum
Multi-lingual Early Childhood Programme

To encourage our students to appreciate the real-world relevance of their learning, and to foster in them a thirst for knowledge, each of our schools further enriches the whole education process through a combination of strategies that reach far beyond the confines of the classroom. These strategies include imaginative, first-hand experiences involving the use of integrated technology, art, music, speech and drama-based activities, physical education, research assignments and hands-on experiments. The intellectual rigour of our curricula combined with the time we invest in developing the whole student means that our graduates are well equipped for further education or any other aspect of adult life. 

Taaleem Curricula 

  • Incorporate the highest quality of academic programmes available in any school environment across the world.
  • Inspire in each student a real passion for life long learning.
  • Ensure each student achieves the best set of academic qualifications to which his or her abilities will stretch.
  • Enable our students to embrace the intellectual rigours of further education and adult life with confidence and enthusiasm.
  • Span a rich and balanced spectrum of practical experiences that nurture essential life-skills such as creativity, lateral thinking, compassion and effective communication.

Download 'Types of Curricula in Dubai'