Continual School Improvement

As part of our commitment to maintaining a consistently high performance ethic, Taaleem schools undergo a rigorous strategy of continual evaluation and improvement which incorporates a 360-degree appraisal system of both programmes and staff, involving feedback from students and parents.

Professional development is at the forefront of our operations, with regular staff training sessions and seminars organised throughout the year to promote best practices and ensure we remain in step with new developments in the field of education. Students, parents and teachers will have every opportunity to share ideas and contribute to the growth and improvement of the school community.

Our School Improvement Strategy

  • Ensures each Taaleem school remains a standard-bearer for educational excellence.
  • Guarantees we stay up-to-date with the latest advances in professional development which we implement to the continuing benefit of the schools.
  • Further confirms our commitment to each student and ensures that he or she experiences the very best all-round education available.
  • Advances the professional development and job satisfaction experienced by our staff.
  • Values student, parental and staff feedback.