Energetic ECAs

Taaleem places great importance on the character-building benefits of extra-curricular programmes (ECAs). Consequently, each of our schools runs an innovative range of clubs and activities designed to foster self-confidence, cultural understanding and sociability, while promoting each child’s particular strengths and creativity.

Students will be given every opportunity to recognise the scope of their own talents through self-awareness. Multi-purpose sports facilities and first-rate indoor sports halls help students realise their swimming, sporting, musical, acting, and dancing potential, while a wide range of media production and public speaking opportunities enhance their communication skills.

Our students are taught to understand, respect and engage with their local and global communities through environmental protection programmes and educational field trips. The emphasis placed on age-appropriate responsibilities and leadership potential is further developed through the student council and programmes such as Model United Nations. 

Our Extra-Curricular Programmes

  • Prepare students for the myriad of experiences, opportunities and responsibilities of life.
  • Promote teamwork skills while encouraging the development of leadership qualities.
  • Allow students to identify early their particular passions, interests and individual flair, facilitating the pursuit of rewarding, character-building leisure activities.
  • Enable every student to recognise and respect the individual talents of his or her peers, thereby fostering an appreciation of people’s differences and promoting compassionate self-awareness.
  • Offer our students a window to the world through real-life contexts and experiential learning.