Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is embedded in every aspect of the academic and social curriculum. It is be used to help all students achieve their maximum potential in each subject through a range of personalised communication strategies. These include classroom instruction and assessment, internal and external messaging, homework assignments and extra-curricular activities.

Taaleem schools offer online access to curricula and supporting resources, including a vast amount of information which students are taught how to handle, filter and evaluate. Technology also helps teachers create personalised work plans. The direct relevance of these to each student not only increases motivation and individual learning potential, but also allows teachers to promote the key skills of collaboration and teamwork through appropriate group projects. Students can be continually assessed with minimal intrusion, and records of achievement kept for careful analysis. Technology is also used as one method of keeping parents informed about their child’s activities and progress, facilitating their own involvement in their child’s education.

Our Implementation of Technology

  • Familiarises students with modern technology from an early age.
  • Develops in each student a wide range of computer, technological and communication skills and understanding.
  • Equips students to greet future technological advancements with anticipation and confidence.
  • Helps individual learning by allowing staff to pinpoint specific areas on which each student needs to concentrate further.
  • Promotes the educational partnership between students, parents and staff.
  • Facilitates the sharing of best practices between staff at all Taaleem schools.