Our Staff

Right at the heart of our school community is our staff. Each member of our hand-picked, highly qualified and motivated team works to ensure our schools deliver the best possible intellectual, personal and social learning experiences for each student.

As our most valuable assets, our staff are given every opportunity to grow personally and are seen as an integral and involved part of our community. It is the strength and commitment of our family of teachers which makes the whole Taaleem learning environment so much more than the sum of its physical parts.

Our Staff are empowered to:

  • Create a rich, stimulating and well-balanced variety of lessons and activity-based opportunities to allow students to practise, express and reflect on their growing bank of knowledge and skills in a pragmatic way.
  • Identify and teach to the individual needs of each student, developing their learning skills so they become increasingly independent.
  • Instill a range of key life-skills including: effective time management abilities, study and exam skills, tolerance, ethics and an understanding of personal relationships.
  • Monitor and advance personal welfare through the implementation of a pastoral care programme that encourages personal, social, emotional and health awareness.
  • Exhibit and uphold conduct and character traits worthy of student emulation.
  • Work in co-ordination with parents so that teachers and parents together form a dynamic team in the education process.
  • Participate in school improvement and professional development programmes and share best practices with staff from other Taaleem schools.

Visit our Careers Portal if you would like to become part of our team, whether at any of our schools or our Central Office.